Shipping/Changes/Cancellation/Refund Policies

(effective 9/14/02)

You must be 21 years of age to order wine, and 18 years of age to order cider.

Processing and Shipping

Please allow 4-6 weeks for most processing, except for rush orders.  We can generally fill, on a non-rush basis, orders for events 3 weeks or more from the date of order.  If there is a problem with filling your particular order in that amount of time, we will let you know before your order is confirmed.  Normally, we bottle the orders, print the labels, label the bottles, then pack the order in preparation for shipping.  Each step in this process entails certain costs, a portion of which will be passed to the customer if any changes are made after ordering, as detailed below.  We do not charge a separate charge for packing, and we generally charge less than the actual cost for UPS shipping.

Once your order is placed, we will send a confirmation email with the total cost, including shipping.  YOU MUST REPLY to this email to confirm the order, and the charge, before your credit card is charged and before we begin to fill the order.  Please make sure everything is accurate, to avoid additional charges.

If your event is several months away, we do not normally ship the order until approximately one month before the event.  We find that most customers prefer not to have the large shipping boxes in the way for months at a time.  If you are sure you want your shipment sooner, contact us to make those arrangements.  Even if the order has not shipped, however, it is usually in some stage of completion.  We therefore do charge for changes after the order is placed, in accordance with the policies set forth below.


*Applicable to non-rush orders--for rush orders, special policies will be agreed upon prior to acceptance of order.

Any order placed and confirmed will be subject to a nonrefundable $50 charge for cancellation.  Cancellations made more than 3 weeks after confirmation will also be subject to a $22 per case relabeling charge.

If labels have been printed, changes to the label will require an additional $20 label setup fee.

Changes to wine/cider order--You may add cases, as long as we have enough time to fill the order, at any time.  Normal charges for the total order will apply.  If you wish to change the type of wine or cider, or wish to reduce the order, we may be able to accommodate you with no charge or a nominal charge.  This will depend upon the availability of the wine or cider you want, and the stage of processing of the original order.  Please contact us for information if you want to change your order.

Once your order has been shipped, there will be no refunds,  credits, or adjustments, except for damaged shipments or our error.

For custom labels (custom artwork or custom non-stock label designs) there will be NO CANCELLATIONS AND NO REFUNDS, CREDITS, OR ADJUSTMENTS except for damaged shipments or our error.

If you have questions about any of the above policies, please contact us at 856-896-0619 and we will be happy to clarify for you.