Gourmet Sparkling Apple Raspberry Cider

The Perfect Wedding Favor !!!

        Our Apple non alcoholic Raspberry Sparkling Cider is made with just a touch of raspberry, it has a light blush color.  Makes a great wedding or party favor. Available in our mini bottle 187 ml ( 7.5 inches tall ) size clear glass bottle or the full size 750 ml size bottle.

Our mini bottles of 187 ml Sparkling Cider makes the perfect Wedding Favor.

Tamuzza Vineyards is producing a line of sparkling ciders using fresh, quality apples.  Our secret blend of apples is pressed into a naturally sweet apple cider that is carbonated to add sparkle.  

Our cider is bottled under pressure and sealed to lock in the perfect flavor and bouquet until you open it to share with family and friends.  Small fine bubbles are a trademark of our ciders.

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We, at Tamuzza Vineyards, are continually striving to be the best that we can possibly be in our field, always bringing our customers fresh, quality products.  All our cider products are carefully made to ensure quality and safety. Do not let the name vineyard fool you. We have been producing ciders since 1986.

Wedding Favors

Mini 187 ml bottles make the perfect gift.

  Our Personalized Sparkling Ciders mini bottles make the perfect Wedding Favor !  They also make great party favors for birthdays. Our ciders make a business gift that your clients will love and appreciate. The full size cider bottles are finished with a champagne cork and a wire hood !

Included in our line of sparkling ciders are: apple, apple/cranberry, apple/raspberry, apple/white grape, apple/red grape. In the very near future we will have a special edition Apple Blackberry Sparkling Cider.

Prices per case :

$65.50 for 187 ml (24 bottles/case)

$72.50 for 750 ml (12 bottles/case)